About Little Wild Ones Collective

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We want to make it easy for you to find your family’s next adventure! From local parks and playgrounds to luxury resorts, our goal is to become the most comprehensive guide in the world!

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Get more families to explore the world, sharing the various cultures, landmarks, histories and environments with their children.

Our overall mission is to help families get out of the house and explore the world with their kids. We want to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring AND protecting our planet. Going on an adventure and experiencing new activities, learning about the colorful cultures and histories that exist in our world has tons of benefits for everyone in the family! And encouraging that connection to our world in even the littles of explorers is extremely important to us. You can’t expect someone to care about or protect something they don’t feel connected to!

Getting more families out in the world starts with access to information. As parents we are constantly strapped for time, and we don’t think finding and planning your next family outing -weather that be a picnic at the park or a week long vacation – should be such a time consuming or confusing process. This is why we started the Little Wild Ones Collective. We are committed to making finding new activity for your family fun, easy and as simple as possible! Everything you need to plan that next family adventure, you’ll find here!

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It all started with a baby – two babies to be exact! After having two kids 13 months apart, Little Wild Ones Collective Founder Kelsey was itching to get back out and continue exploring the world. But, while searching for new adventures and activities to do with her growing family, she quickly grew frustrated with the lack of information.

She would spend hours and hours reading review and blog posts only to find she couldn’t easily get simple information about a location that would be important to families. Information like stroller access and age limitations.

At the time, countless wilderness areas in Utah were on the brink of being destroyed and replaced by new developments. 8-18 year olds are spending an average of over 7 hours a day on a screen. Whole cities and cultures were being taken over by tourist industries of people wanting to get that perfect instagram shot!  With this in mind, and a love of the outdoors herself, Kelsey realized it was essential to build the technology to help families get out of the house and experience new adventures – but in a way that connected them with the world and encouraged them to protect it.

And so the idea for the Little Wild Ones Collective was born. Kelsey already had been writing for a blog for years and was able to expand her blog into what the Little Wild Ones Collective is today, with new adventures and stories added every week!

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The Little Wild Ones Collective family travels the world looking for new adventures to share with our community. Our mission is to provide valuable information, advice, inspiration, and tips geared to encourage other families to seek their own adventures – regardless of what stage of life they are in. We love showcasing our real-time journey and broadcasting our own personal adventures – both near and far – through creative writing, beautiful photography & videography, and engaging with our social media followers.

We also work with a community of talented visual story tellers through our Scouting Program that are able to go out and search for new adventures in locations we aren’t able to get to. Learn more about our Scouting Program here.

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Here are some examples of a few ways we can partner with your company. We are always open to new ideas and would love to hear what you have in mind.

Add Your Location to our Listings

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Sponsored Resort and Destination Visits

Social Media Campaigns

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Brand Ambassadorship

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Featured Local Events

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Looking to work with us on an upcoming project? Here are the projects we currently have planned – we would love to hear your ideas!

2018 Moab, Utah

2018 The Grand Canyon

2018 Mission Beach, California

2018 Kanab, Utah

2019 Banff, Canada

2019 TBD, Mexico

2019 Yosemite National Park

2019 TBD, Alaska

2019 Island Park, Idaho

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Download the Little Wild Ones Collective Press Kit & Logo Assets

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Questions or help using our site?

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Say hello, talk partnerships, or anything at all

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For media inquires or interview requests