Little Wild Ones Scouts are parents who love exploring the world with their little ones. They are talented visual story tellers who’s work allows us to share more about the world and connect thousands of other parents and families with nature, culture and history. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

So whether you’re a new Scout or an aspiring one, we’ve assembled a short guide on how to succeed. You can also check out our FAQs for more information. We are always trying to improve our Scout Program, so if you have ideas – we’re all ears!

Aspiring Scouts

We encourage any parent who has a love of photography and adventure to apply for our Scouting Program. While you don’t need to be a professional photographer to join, you do need to be comfortable with using a DSLR camera, shooting in RAW, be able to edit your photos according to our Style Guide and be able to provide great quality photos that tell a story.

We’ll also need an online portfolio (you can use your blog for this) or Instagram account to go off of. So if you’re interested in the program you might want to curate your photos to reflect your ability to tell stories.

Checked off all of these boxes? Great! Apply now.

Approved Scouts

1. Before You Scout

Before you head out on your adventure, quickly look over the Style Guide, Photo Checklist & FAQ to give you an idea of what you need to do.

We ask that you always include these 3 types of shots:

Zoomed Out Shot of Location: A museum, a resort, a water park, etc. If possible, we would prefer as little people in the frame as possible. Please take this photo horizontally.

Surrounding Landscape or Amenities: What you take photos of will vary by location, but try to answer questions that others would want to know about the location when deciding where to go. At a zip line in the forrest? Take a photo of the views and the surrounding forrest! At a local pool? Take photos of the high dives, splash pads or waterslides!

People & Activities: We want your photos to tell a story. Maybe that story is kids playing in the pool while mom & dad relax in the pool chairs. Or maybe it’s a family exploring nature on a hike. No story is too small, but we ask that you highlight the location at the same time. For instance, we aren’t looking for a close up of a pinecone your daughter found on the hike, we want a photo of your family searching for pinecones in a forrest full of trees.

2. Arrive Early & Take Photos First

Make sure you give yourself enough time to adequately shoot and experience the location your at. Being parents of little ones we know all too well how much work kids can be, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get the shot, but also enjoy yourself while you’re there!

Kids can also be unpredictable, so take as many photos as possible before you play! That way you don’t have to worry about something happening and having to leave earlier than planned!

3. Cherish the Golden Hour

When the sun is high in the sky, light and shadows can be harsh and unflattering for outdoor shots, but great for interior shots! Try to plan your visit around the best time to get photos. Focus on getting outdoor shots during the golden hour when the light is best!

Not sure when Golden Hour is? Use this nifty little tool to find out!

4. Tell a Story with Your Photos

Your photos will shape how someone views a Little Wild Ones Collective listing, so tell an engaging story with them. This could include photos of your family playing on the beach, exploring a nearby hiking trail or relaxing in the hot pots while watching the sun set.

5. Editing & Uploading Photos

These are photo styles we like to see. You can get more information on Styling your photos in our Style Guide.

The Brighter, the Better: We know weather can be unpredictable and many of you’re adventure might be indoors where lighting isn’t ideal – but bumping up your exposure a little can make a big difference!

People: Try to include photos of the people in your family as much as possible. Keep the poses natural and candid, like the subject isn’t aware you’re taking their photo. Please note: We do not need portraits or close-ups.

Keep it Clean: Keep distracting elements out of the background of your photos and keep your editing clean and simple. Avoid moody shots, haze or coolness in your photos.

What to avoid:

Black & White: While we love a good black and white photo, please keep all photos in color.

Vertical Images: Please keep the majority of your photos horizontal.

Moody or Hazy Images: We want our locations to seem warm and inviting, so we want to avoid anything that darkens the photo too drastically.

Failing to deliver the style of photos we request above could result in removal from the Scouting Program.

Once you’ve edited your photos, it’s time to upload them:

Within a day of your trip, you’ll receive an email with the subject, “Get Paid for Scouting ___________.” Respond to this email with a link to either a dropbox folder or a google docs folder where we can access and download your photos.

Include captions in the email next to the image title.

If you’re having issues re-sizing your photos, check out our photo sizing guide.

6. How to Get Paid

Within a day of your trip, you’ll receive an email with the subject, “Get Paid for Scouting ___________.” Inside, you’ll find three steps towards getting paid:

Submit your written review for this property by responding to this email.

Answer the short questionnaire by clicking on the link and filling out the form.

Include a link to either a google docs folder or dropbox folder where we can access your photos. 

Please complete all steps in the same email. This makes it way easier for us to track your listing, and therefore makes it way easier for us to pay you. 🙂

Assuming you have completed these three tasks, payments go out on the first Friday of the month.

If this was your first scouting trip with the Little Wild Ones Collective, you’ll receive a contractor setup email from Zenefits a day or two before the first Friday of the month that you’ll need to fill out. You can learn more about payment here.

Have more questions about joining our Scout Program?

Check out our Scouting Program FAQ or email us.



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