The Alpine Loop is a beautiful scenic drive through Uinta National Forest. It’s a bit of a windy road with plenty of pull-offs to see the beautiful scenery and take photos.

It’s a great place for just a day drive or a picnic. We did the entire loop in about 2 hours. It isn’t actually a loop though, we started up American Fork Canyon and it would have spit us out in Provo Canyon. But instead of coming down Provo Canyon and taking I-15 back towards our house, we just turned around and came back the same way.

The Alpine Loop Scenic Drive in Utah by the Salted MoonSince it was a little chilly, we used the trunk of my car as a place to hang out with the kids while my husband took out the drone.

When it was lunchtime, we found a cute little campground area near the Provo Canyon entrance/exit. No one was there, so we just used one of the tables to have lunch.

While the Alpine Loop has beautiful trees all year, the end of September/ beginning of October is the best time to go. We went the last weekend in October and the leaves were just turning to a beautiful yellow color. There was a few orange here and there. Next weekend it will be even more beautiful and colorful!


  • While you can camp up along here, it’s not recommended for vehicles 30 ft or longer. It would be very difficult to make the sharp turns.
  • If you have older kids and a bit more time, there are plenty of hiking trails along the Drive that you can pull off and spend some time on.
  • Bring lunch and have a picnic. There are only a few places where you can find a table, so if your going on a busy weekend, bring a picnic blanket or some chairs that you can use in case you can’t find one.
  • Dress in layers. It get’s chilly up there, especially in the fall, but towards the bottom, it can be much warmer.
  • The loop is open Late May to Late October, but the best time to see the colors is typically the end of September and first two weeks of October.

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